Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fly, Eagles fly. (Ritual Notes.)

The organist played it after mass today. I'm serious, he did. Actually, it was more of a Fantasie based on it, not the song straight through. It was actually pretty good, kind of Dupre-esque.
This is a double post, because I missed last week's.

Baptism of the Lord. (10:30 Latin Novus Ordo)

-This chasuble was worn, by the same priest, Fr. Brannan.
-No boat-bearer today, nor an M.C.
- " Songs of thankfulness and praise" as the entrance hymn. Salzburg is fast becoming my all-time favorite hymn tune, behind 'woodlands' and 'King's weston'. (Lauda Anima might be my real third favorite.)
-' Missa de Angelis'. We all knows this setting.
- The responsorial psalm was blah. I don't like the setting.
- 'Joy to the World' as the recessional. Good ol' BWV 533 as the postlude. I searched for months to find out what the name of this song was the first time I heard it.

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time.
(10:30 Latin Novus Ordo.)
I did'nt attend this mass because I was booked, but I have the service sheet.
-Entrance: "Praise to the Lord".
- Introit: Omnis terra, Roman Gradual. I learned this, and if I was'nt serving , I would have asked if I could sing with our Choir director.
- Mass setting:Orbis Factor, my favorite setting.
-Offertory: Iubilte deo, RG.
-Offertory Motet: Lord, Sanctify Me Wholly, Jean Psaquet. I love this one, especially the forte section and the fugal part.
-Communion Antiphon: Dicit Andreas, RG.
-Comunion Motet: Ave Verum Corpus, Edward Elgar. This is my all-time favorite motet ever. It never gets old.
Recessional: The Church's one Foundation.

I'm really sad I missed this mass. Except for the entrance and offertory, It's like my sample mass.

(English, 12:15 Mass*)
- Green gothic chasuble with gold and green woven orphreys. It's like the gold one, only they have different patterns.
- 'Praise to the Lord' as the entrance. It's a good hymn, but I would have gone with "Praise, my soul, the Kind of Heaven."
- 'Heritage mass' was the setting.
- The psalm tone was good, the response, not so much.
- Thanks be to God! He used the same alleluia that I've wanted to start using, though he played it wrong. It's gregorian, let it flow. Slow it down, don't try to to break it up into phrases just so that you can use the Plein Jeu. Really, full organ on the alleluia is so overdone.
-Wow. What a homily.
Outside the church there's no salvation, encourage your kids to become priests and religious, don't be 'Sunday mass only ' Catholics. dropping your kids off for RE so that you can drop them off for first communion and confiration is wrong, you must follow your vocation with the help of holy mother church, be obedient to the pope as the true vicar of Christ and successor of Peter, and ask for Our Lady's intercession.
That's really what he said.
Major props to Fr. Joseph for that homily. I'll be gloating to my less fortunate friends for weeks about this.
- Agnus dei in Latin.
-I'm not a fan of "One bread, one body", but He made it sound good.
- "Holy God, we praise thy name" as the recessional.
- Afore mentioned Toccatta Fantasie on "Fly, Eagles fly".

I notice also that they're using a much larger crucifix on the altar on the masses said facing the people. It's nice. It looks like the ones on the side altars, only more ornate.
I also note the new altar cards. They're more ornate than the old ones, kinda baroque inspired. Sorry, I'm a medeivalist. The old ones that looke d like 14th century illumination were better.

*In case you were not granted the blessing being a Philadelphian, Fly, Eagles Fly is the Eagles fight song. Everyone here knows it. The Eagles are playing the Cardinals right now. It looks better than it was at the beginning. E-A-G-L-E-S-EAGLES!

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