Monday, January 12, 2009

These people are idiots.

I woke up today to read an article in a newspaper I ocassionally read to find a horrifying article. The was a not-at-all subtle article about how our Lord and Saviour Obama will not only fix the economy, but global warming , unemployment, and the U.S. education system. Really, I can see why America doomed itself to this man. They honestly think they can sit on their behinds while Obama fixes every problem they have. We're lazy. We have no work ethic. Why should we work hard on a solution that will pay out in the long run when we can do nothing and get our instant gratification? That's America for you.
As to what's happenning right now netween Ireal and Gaza,I'm afraid to comment untill I'm sure I ave enough information.I don;t want to go off and beg prayers for the wrong side, as unbiased media attention has'nt actually existed in about 16 years.
For now, just pray for peace, that the innocent may be safe tonight, that justice may triumph and that the hardened of heart may be converted. I certainly don't live in a warzone, but I do know what it'slike tolive in a dangerous neigborhood. I do know what's it's like to hear screams and gunshots in the night, what it's like to fear for your safety and that of your family. I know what it'slike to fear that someone willbreak into your home in the night, what it's like to fear for your life in your sleep.
Please pray an Ave or two.

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