Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm Back.

From this.
Fr. Carey asked me not to be too nitpicky with the comments*, but I don't think I have anything bad to say.
The church building is very, very nice. Eerily, it reminds me to much of lourdes. The lack of pillars. the pointed arch barred vault ceiling, the large pointed arch that leads to the sanctuary. The main altars set up in the same way, even resembling each other. The side altars, even the paneling on the choir loft look similar. But, Lourdes has real devotional candles at it's shrines, a plus for me.
It was packed (Wow, big surprise.) The vestments were nice. (A cloth-of-gold roman set, heavily embroidered.) The music was Amazing. Wow! They blend very well, but they sang the gloria too slowly for my tastes. The schola was great too. In fact, the only thing that wasn't great were the servers. To be sure, they pretty much knew what they were doing, but there were certain awkward moments. ( like during communion, or at the first incensing.) But still, great for their first time. I saw Fr. James, my pastor, and two Mercedarian brothers from my parish, Bro. Daniel and Bro.David. I make no comments as to the simultaneous use of the biretta and monastic hood.
Now, if you want my opinion, I think the organ could be bigger. If they can't expand it without ruining the case, they could do digital ranks. See, despite what 95%of organists say, I like digital ranks and don't mind digital organs. If I could afford a Johannes, I'd buy one in a second.

*Like the NLM crowd. Good info, but avoid the comments. I can't stand nitpicking, probably a result of childhood.

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Miguel José Ernst-Sandoval said...

I got about two dozen photos. They'll be up on the blog to-morrow. Having just come from Los Angeles where there is a parish that has this on a weekly basis, I was a little less than impressed.