Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy feast day!

Today is the feast of one of Philly's own saints. Yup, S.John Neumann, one of our bishops,a confessor. Instead of reciting vespers, I sang vespers from the common, with that wonderful to chant antiphon on the magnificat, Iste est fideles et prudens dispensator. I wanted to sop by the shrine for a visit to his relics, but alas, it was'nt to happen.
Some of you might know that last year, his relics, which are set under the alar of the shrine for the veneration of the faithful.) were reclothed. Previously, he was in a horrid 70's looking cassock-alb, polyester chasuble. and short polyster mitre. Now, he wears a whhite brocade roman chasuble, stole and maniple, and a silk pontifical dalmatic and tunicle. He wears episcopal gloves and the old episcopal ring with the stone, and a better gold-trimmed mitre. The alb has some lace which shows his choir cassock. I wonder if they got that historically correct? (Oversleeves and all that.)

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