Monday, January 5, 2009

Ritual Notes.

No, not this kind or this kind.
(Though both are good reads.)
Instead of posting them in the Ship all the time, I'll put em' here.

Vigil of the Epiphany:
Sung mass with incense. I served this mass.
-The best gold gothic set, with the tudor rose patern.
-Sorry, the bell broke at the elevation of the host. My bad.

Solemnity of the Epiphany of Our Lord:

-It was the cloth-of-gold Roman* chasuble again, the one that looks like it's the same one S.Clem's uses on Epiphany.
- This is something new. Now there's a master of ceremonies. He took father's biretta and held his vestments as he went up the altar, and helping with the laying on of incense and incensation of the altar. He's wearing the festal surplice, with the lace. I still think mine is better. It's much more Roman than his.
-Missa Secunda for the mass setting. It's good to see that the choir director is finally using whole polyphonic mass settings instead of just parts.
-The kalends is sung! Very nice, though I liked it better with Fr. Matthew at the vigil mass.
-"We Three Kings of Orient are" at the offertory. Very nice three-part choral setting, even nicer descant to finish it off.
-More M.C. , now helping Fr. by turning the pages of the missal and lifting the chasuble at the elevations.
-" In the Bleak Midwinter" I can't beleive that people hate this. I love this piece, especially this setting.
- Veneration of the image of the bambino at the altar rail while singing " As With Gladness Men of Old".
- Good ol' BWV 572 to finish off.

*Actually, it's a German cut. Don't be fooled, not all fiddlebacks are Roman chazzies.

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