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August is the month...

....Of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in the older Roman Calendar celebrated on August 22nd. In the Modern Roman kalendar, It's celebrated on a much older date (the Saturday after the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.)
From S.Joseph's Manual of prayers:

AS the adorable Heart of Jesus was formed in the chaste womb of the Blessed Virgin and of her blood and substance, so we cannot in a more proper and agreeable manner show our devotion to the Sacred Heart of the Son, than by dedicating some part of the said devotion to the Immaculate Heart of the Mother. For you have two hearts here united, in the most strict alliance, and tender conformity of sentiments, so that it is not in nature to please the one, without making yourself agreeable to the other, and pleasing to both. Go then, devout client, to the Heart of Jesus, but let your way be through the Heart of Mary. The sword of grief which pierced her soul opens you a passage ; enter by the wound which love has made; advance to the Heart of Jesus, and rest there even to death itself. Presume not to separate and divide two objects so intimately one, or united together; but ask in all your exigencies from the Heart of Jesus, and ask this redress through the Heart of Mary.

This form and method of devotion is the doctrine and the very spirit of God's Church ; it is what she teaches us in the unanimous voice and practice of the faithful, who will by no means that Jesus and Mary should be separated from each other in our prayers,praises, and affections.This consideration has engaged the sovereign pontiffs and head pastors of the Church to give the selfsame sanction to the pious practices instituted in honor of the sacred Heart of Mary as they give to those of the adorable Heart of Jesus, both within their proper limits. They both have equally their feasts and solemnities, both their associations, and those, too, equally enriched with the treasures of the Church, under the liberal dispensation of its governors. Many are the pious and virtuous souls who have drawn most signal fruit and advantages from these devotions.

Let us love and honor these two hearts so intimately united ; let us go to the Father through the Heart of Jesus; let us go to the Son through the Heart of Mary. Let us render to God the Father, through the Heart of Jesus, what we owe to his infinite goodness and justice ; and let us render to God the Son, through the Heart of Mary, what we owe to his mercy, and for all his beneftts to us. We shall obtain everything from the Father and the Holy Ghost through the Heart of Jesus, and we shall obtain every thing from the Son through the Heart of Mary. It is customary with many pious persons to dedicate the first Saturday in the month to the particular honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as the first Friday is devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. To this end they hear Mass, and make a spiritual communion, if they cannot communicate sacramentally, to thank God for all the graces he has bestowed upon Mary, and for the tender affection with which he has filled her heart towards us. In the evening they visit some church or altar dedicated to the blessed Virgin ; or, if that be impossible, they pay a visit to her image in their own house, or elsewhere.

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