Friday, August 14, 2009

Stupid Computer!

I've been trying for days to read the actual health care bill, because you can't always trust what you hear your opponents or even those on your side say about it. (Misinformation and hyperbole abound on both sides.) First I had to find it online. I did, and it was in a PDF. No problem. Or so I thought. Literally every time I've tried to read it, Firefox crashes. It seems as if there's some sort of trouble with Adobe right now.
That said, Nickie Goomba Has a synopsis of what's in it with a link to the bill. After reading it, it makes you really want to read the bill even more so that I could have context-quoted proof of everything listed, to dispel the false truths that the government is't trying to take over, or at least regulate health care. Rather, they claim that they're just trying to offer an alternative for those who need it. A simple option for the public. It is'nt so, and some of them must know it.

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