Sunday, August 2, 2009

I did'nt hear that , right?

Watching Nanci Pelosi talking about how the Dems expect to finance their health care reform bill. She said that they would try to squeeze (emphasis hers) as much money out of savings as possible, and the difference could be gotten by taxing private insurance companies, and if that was'nt enough, levying another tax on on what will be deemed to be surplus income. (What is is now, $100.000 a year now?)
Now, do you see what I think there should be serious discussion as to whether or not the Liberal Dems are honestly trying to get rid of private insurance? Not only does their bill make provision to severely limit it's application, but now they want to tax private insurance companies as punishment (And, yes, speaker Pelosi stressed that it was a punishment imposed on them for screwing Americans over) for the simple fact that they exist?It's almost as if the current administration wants to tax their enemies out of existence. When are these people going to get it through their heads that restrictions and taxation does not encourage competition? They're all but scaring companies out of the market. When are they going to get it through their heads that it's not proper to punish people for doing their jobs?
It appears to me that their whole economic theory is based on the premises that no one person should ever make large amounts of money, and that if anyone does, it is the State's right to forcibly take their money from them and apply it to whatever the State wants money for. The State right now wants, no , rather, it needs your money. And if you are'nt going to give freely, then they've decided that that have a right to your property, and they'll take it from you as they need it.
Pelosi and her crew seem to see all their enemies, whether they be private companies that might compete with their State Care, or people who disagre with their philosophy of life by making money, they see them all as cash-cows for the government to milk and take from to fund all it's pet projects, whether be benificial to the American people or not.
This sounds so ridiculous, that I can only assume that in the rush to clean up for my father's visit, I missed two or so paragraphs on her speech .
I certainly did'nt really hear Speaker Pelosi suggest that.
If so, I have a second reason not to like her.

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