Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thanks Mom, thanks a lot.

I was trying to watch Cspan on Thursday evening, watching what I suppose was a Republican senator from Iowa speaking at length about the proposed Public Option* I say trying, becasue my mother was with me and found it unspeakably boring. So much so, that every 20 seconds like clockwork, she cried "Joey! This is BORING! Turn the channel! I want to watch House of Payne!" I, however, found it quite exciting to say the least, which should show how much my interest in politics has grown in leaps and bounds. ( A year ago, watching two hours of C-SPAN would've been a parent-imposed punishment.) The man, whose name exscapes me** Brought out quite a few goood points. He gave some good charts and projections, but what really would've caught anyone's, and I do mean anyone's attention were his stories and anecdotes.
Hearing document cases about places using similar or somewhat similar single-payer healthcare systems, that getting surgeries for things such as hip replacements, knee replaces, and other reconstructive surgery could take months to a year is scary. When I heard his story about the man who literally tore up his knee playing sports, and did'nt get any kind of surgery until nearly a year to the day after the event (six months to get permission from the government to get the surgery, and then six months after he finally got permission waiting on a list) I could'nt help but fell a chill.
It's no secret that I'm Extremely accident prone***. In 2007, I made a visit to the emergency room for a serious injury at least once a month. Last year I did better, going only once every two months, but could it be possible that someone like me could be waiting in a long queque after a third-degree burn to the foot, or an infected wound, or something of the sort? Would my injuries begin to pile up? Will I be waiting in several lines for several injuries gotten over several months, just waiting to get a procedure approved by the government?
How about, Instead of waiting in America's line, I'll go get my surgery done in another country, Like the senator said many Canadians do? What about invasive surgeries? Will you be in line for eight months for a new liver while yours is failing or completely failed, while you wait for the state to give you permission to get a transplant? The cynic in me wonders is women will have to wait for months to get their abortions approved, while the state bureaucrats stall and a baby is born alive? (But considering the Obama cabinet's obvious support for abortion, I would'nt be surprised if all abortions were given the go-ahead. This is assuming that the state recognizes abortion and contraception as healthcare.)
If I'm lucky enough to have private insurance, assuming that there are'nt too many regulations on whether or not the state says I can have it, these could be dealt with. Assuming that you get to live. There's a highly unlikely rumour that provision is given for older and terminally ill patients to be asked about how they want to be euthanised. Yup, state-sanctioned euthenasia, just like in the good ol' days.
I hope this is scaring you. I really do. I hope you're scared witless****. Because these situations are at least possible, if not likely, in the light of other countries' experiences.
We thought we were just overreacting when we said that the state wanted to control your life. Turns out, that part may not be a rumour, but a real posibility.
Unfortunately, I did'nt get to see the end of the debate. I'm such a momma's boy that I gave into my mother's pleading and turned the channel. So instead of watching an exciting debate about a bill that could change our country for good, I watched re-run's of a somewhat boring sitcom.

*As the man said, for some reason, the incumbents won't let us call it State-run insurance. That's being considered a profane word.

**If you watched it, or know who it was, please tell me. I'd like to know more, possibly watch the rest.

*** So much so, that my school's guidance counselor thought that I was a Cutter and wanted to know why I was self-mutilating. Seriously. Dude thought I was crazy or something.

****In lieu of another, more Profane word.

Aside, I highly reccomend Mr. Black's book on the American Eugenics movement. Well researched, light on polemics, good logic. I used it as the primary source of my information for my term paper last year. (Which I got an extremely high grade on.)

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