Friday, August 28, 2009

I had another muder dream.

So, in this week's installment of dreams-where-someone-kills-Joe, My mom sends me downtown to get some things form the store, and I don't feel like walking, so I takes the trolley. The trolley makes a sudden turn on a street that I heretofore did not know existed, called Nguyen Avenue. So the lady is calling out stops, and I ask what happenned to Market street (The street the trolley usual runs on.)She ignores me and tells me to get off the next stop, so I do.
When I get off, there's a crowd and some guy yelling at a cop. I decide to get away from them, and I see the guy put a gun against the cop's head. She gets free and tries to restrain him, but he gets free and runs over to me to put me in a headlock with the gun against my head. I try to act calm, but he's still arguing with the cop, and eventually, BOOM. Dead. Brains splattered about the sidewalk. Some lady yells "OH MY GOD!" and then I woke up.
It was so real. I even remember arguing with myself whether or not I should take the trolley, and then complaining that this was all because some people I had to have a specific brand of soda that they only sell halfway across the city so I have to get it.

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