Saturday, August 15, 2009

Someone gets it.

"You see, "instruction," according to the mind of the Council, is the essential key to "participation;" one cannot possibly hope to penetrate the sacred Mysteries in such way as to actively participate in them without first comprehending, to the extent that it is possible, what is taking place. "


"To the Council Fathers, fostering active participation among the laity meant providing the "liturgical instruction" necessary in order for the "faithful to take part in the sacred liturgy fully aware of what they are doing." (cf SC 11)'

There's a lot of work to be done. Pastors of souls, do your job! Go write or find an explanation of the mass and leave it in the parish bulletin!

Whole article.

And could someone tell me what it is with progressives and their language? Do they take some sort of sick pleasure in gang-raping rules of grammar to death? I mean, they don't use any articles. ( "Being church", "Being Eucharist"). In fact, that's still not right, because I don't think you can use all adjectives as stand-alone nouns. Like S.Thomas Aquinas says, adjectives like "red" are descriptive qualities. You can't see, or touch, or experience "red' by itself. They're trying to use "Red" like they could. Not to mention, I've noticed that David Haas has a problem with splitting infinitives. (i.e. , he does it.)
[/Grammar Nazi]

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