Monday, August 3, 2009

*Dies repeatedly.*

Those who know me that my two all time favoutite composeres are Bach and Charles Marie Widor.
Well, imagine my surprise when looking for a recording of Widor's Marche Pontificale, I found a user who's uploaded nearly 80 vidoes of various movements of Widor's symphonies, played on Cavaille-Coll organs. Anyone in the know knows that most organist, myself included*, would have no qualms with killing a couple of people for a few hours free time on a Cavaille-Coll.( I'm lucky though, as the parish closest to mine has an organ built in 1894 with several ranks purportedly made by Cavaille-Coll. I don't know if it's true, but the 8' and 4' flutes have his characteristic sound, as do the 8' principals, and 8' Trompette.)
That said, I'll give you the pick of the litter.

Finale from Symphony no.8

Marche from symphony no. 3

Prelude from symphony no.2

Marche Pontificale (From symphony no.1)

Prelude from symphony no.8

Adagio from symphony no.5

Allegro vivace from symphony no.5

Look through their channel for more good music!


In the choir loft said...

I, too, am a big Widor/Bach fan. Do you know a good recording of the Finale from the 2nd symphony of Widor? If you do, let me know.


Caedmon said...

While not a fan of Bach/Widor, I do appreciate your youthful enthusiasm and dedication. The music is rather glorious; though I think one needs to be propertly disposed to listen to it at length. Peace & grace!

Joe S.R. said...

In the Choir Loft:

Ben van OOsten (Who performed in the majority of the videos I linked to ) Has a recording on volume one of Widor: Complete Organ Works. Another very good one is a recording made by Hans Fagius on the album Charles-Marie Widor:Symphonies Nos. 2 & 8.
Good luck!