Sunday, August 16, 2009

A modern hymn.

Sung to the tune Thaxted, written by Holst. It's one of my favorite hymn tunes, but we American Catholics have a rather trite hymn text for the same tune. (Actually, it's good as far as modern hymns go.) Whether appropriate or not, here's a different text.
I'm sure some smart person will realise where the text is taken from.

THOU art God, we praise thee,
we acknowledge thee the Lord.
Thou the Father everlasting,
by all the earth adored!
To thee doth cry the angels,
the heav'ns and pow'rs therein.
To thy laud do cry the cherabim,
and six-winged seraphim.
Crying "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Sabaoth
Of thy glory are filled the heavens
and earth doth raise the post."

Thy Princes, the Apostles,
the Prophets of thy word,
the army of thy martyrs,
All to thy praise do yearn.
And through the world thy Church
her Lord doth ever own:
Father of infinite majesty
Thy true and only Son
The Holy Ghost the Comforter
Thou, God, who ever reigns:
Immortal, invisible
Ever wise, ever the same!

(Insert choral verse here:)

Thou Christ, Thou King of Glory,
Thou everlasting Son
Who for man's deliverance
Spurned not the Virgin's womb.
And Death's sharpness overcoming
heaven's gates did open wide
to all thy faithful christian sons
who by thy Love abide.
Thou sittest at God's right hand
In the glory of the Lord
Thou shalt come, and judging all men
Shall give them faith's reward.

(Insert full organ and choir+congregation:)

Pray we therefore, Help thy servants,
Whom thy precious blood redeemed.
With thy Saints, we pray thee, number them,
The great souls and the least.
O Lord, save thy people,
Thine heritage do bless,
In thy mercy do uplift them ,
who doth thy name confess.
Day by day, we magnify thee,
Worship thee world without end.
Vouchsafe, O Lord to keep us
this day without sin.

(Insert treble descant:)

O Lord, we beg thy mercy,
let it lighten upon us,
let us never be counfounded
for in thee we put our trust!
Benediction, praise, and power,
ever to the be addressed,
One Majesty, One Deity,
Co-equal three confessed!
To thee, God Unbegotten
And Sole-Begotten Son,
Blessed Spirit from them proceeding!
To God all praise be done!

(Insert wonderful ten-minute long improvised organ postlude with 8' Tuba Magnas and 32' Contre-Bombardes.)

I like it. I think it has some bad ryme here and there, and some imperfect grammar, but I like it. [/Grammar Nazi.]

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