Saturday, August 15, 2009


Like I said on my deviantART account, I'm going to draw a manga. I'm drawing the character pages now. ( I've only come up with three characters so far, two of which are pictured above.) That, of course, Is'nt my original. I never ink or color my originals until after I've made a copy. I ink and color that one first, as a practice. I'll give you names, plotlines, and more character pages by Tuesday at the earliest.

Darn. The two brothers are supposed be giving each other a fist-bump, but it looks like they're
holding hands. Why do I have to be so terrible at drawing hands?`And feet? I can draw hands that look like feet, but I can't draw feet. Even If I try to draw hands, expecting them to look like feet. Sometimes I think that God gave people fingers to show artists their limits.

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