Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's an acquired taste.

It is.
One of Dupre's Toccatas, (Please fast-forward to 5:30 and onwards to hear the good part.) and his wonderful Prelude and Fugue in B. Here's a toccata by Durufle, played by.....Virgil Fox.* I don't listen much to is music, but his prelude, adagio and fugue on 'Veni Creator Spiritus' Is some really great stuff. Of course, Nothing whatever could be more of an acquired taste than Messien. Olivier Messien. Even Dieu Parmi Nous, the only ting he wrote that I could recomend people to listen to is full of all sorts of dissonance and seeming dead-ends. To scholastics, he's apprently some kind of genius. To casual listeners like me, the only coll (Get it? Coll? Cool? I'm sorry, it was a Nerd Moment) things are the reeds and flues.
And speaking of reeds, I really, really wanted to Die after I heard this.
Please turn your sound all the way up.
Please fast-foreward to 4:10 and listen all the way up to 4:50
When I go to my eternal rest, I want those exact notes played the minute I get there.
Because it's totally awesome.
It's totally underutilized too . I don't think the shrine ever actually uses that 32'. D;

*I actually Like Virgil Fox.

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