Wednesday, August 26, 2009


That's how my composing is going. At today's hour-and-a-half of organ practice, I got exactly three measures written. And I take back what I said about the style. While the first part of the kyrie is polyphony-influenced, from there it turns into a Rheinberger/Widor-esque choral work. I Finished the kyrie eleison, now I'm moving onto the Christe Eleison. This is where you get the neccesary dratic touch. I'm going to do the choral parts forte and unaccompanied, with organo pleno chords between the choir's singing. At the end of the Christe, I might go down to flutes and strings with unison choir for the second Kyrie eleison, then something contrapunctal .
But this it planning ahead. At this rate, this mass will take me months to a year, seeing as how it takes one hour per measure. D:
Maybe when I get a USB chord, I'll make a video so that you all can see what it sounds like and tell me what you think.

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