Monday, August 31, 2009


I just died quite a bit inside.

I hope, I really, really hope that they don't ruin any of the series. I can't see a company like Disney putting out something like, oh say, The Trial of Thor or Deadpool. I'll grant that they probably won't make major cuts or changes to storylines, but if they do go ahead with any of the movies that Marvel was going to make, they're going to bastardise them beyond recognition. ( Thor isn't exactly PG-rated, you know.) I can see all of Marvel's characters, or at least the more famous ones being pimped to death in one of Disney's many over-expensive, craptastic theme parks. Oh, and that above is'nt how I'm feeling about this.
What I'm feeling is more akin to THIS.

At least this reminded me what I can spend my birthday money on.

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