Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's up with Shonen Jump?

Seriously? I get a year subscription for Christmas, only to find out that the service is.....rather erratic.
I never got January's issue, and February's came in March along with March's issue. Since then, they've been coming late, until today when I got October's issue.
And it's August right now, right?
I wonder what will happen come September? Will I get September's along with August and November?
That's not all. They claim that your account gives you free access to the SJ Sub Club with free manga and wallpapers and all that stuff, only for me to find out upon trying to access my account that "Your account number is invalid. This account has been terminated." How can it be terminated? I'm still getting issues, and they still have my account number with the stupid "You can use dis for to go to special club lololololololo.lol!!!!11!!!!Twenty-four!!!1!!oNe!!1!"
If I was'nt addicted, you know I'd cut this in a flash.
You Know it.

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