Sunday, January 17, 2010

[ Another post about cooking]

There was no pepper in the house. I went food shopping yesterday with my dad and oldest brother, and put everything on my list except seasoned salt and pepper. I did pick up some flounder and mahi mahi at reading terminal, and some ground chuck and a couple of good steaks. I was going to buy some kaiser rolls so I could make cheesesteaks for dinners (real ones, mind you. I learned how to make them from my dad, who learned from his dad, who learned from his friend who worked at the original Jim's steaks ( which is literally around the corner from my house) when it opened. I have a pedigree on this, I know what I'm doing.) Only my brother wanted stir fry for dinner. So I made a trip to Trader Joes to buy soy sauce and basmati rice. I bought the soyaki rather than soy sauce, because I think it has a richer flavor (and it does'nt get a burnt flavor when you let it simmer) I did'nt tell anyone it was soyaki rather than simple soy sauce. Since there's most of the bottle left, I think I'll make this fish soup recipe I saw on Alton Brown's show during Advent II. (But without the shrimp, because I can't eat shellfish.)

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