Monday, January 18, 2010

I want to apologise...

..and also give you some hope!

I haven't written a good, solid political post in a while. But I have a really good excuse: I've been reading actual, solid books. I don't want to just link to other articles, because It means that I probably don't know what I'm talking about. Honestly, I probably couldn't hold my own in a serious debate as well as I can in just about any of the many other subjects that interest me.(eg.choral technique, guitar tuning, liturgy, modern rock bands, etc.) Because I have'nt read (m)any primary or secondary sources on subjects like the market or different systems of government. So, I read a short little book of lectures by Mises, Economic Policy:Thoughts for Today. It was'nt reccomended to me, but it was free and it was by Mises, which were two good enough reasons to take it (Besides, it's only 120 pages long.). What was reccomended to me was Power and Market by Murray Rothbard and The Anatomy of the State, by the same.(The latter being a mere 30 pages long in my edition.) Now these are good for me, but I'm hoping to find a good read of The Other Side's views, something objective and unbiased. I'll continue till I either find something I like or get a recommendation.

Hopefully, I can make a trip to the main branch of the Philly Free Library and see what I've got to work with there.(And see if the music department is open so I can get a technically-illegal-but-so-what copy of Vierne's 24 Pieces en Style Libre, Widor's 2nd Symphony and Bach's preludes and fugues 540-546. )

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