Thursday, January 28, 2010

Every day, at 3:00

Tuesday through Thursday is when I have my one hour of organ practice. Okay, do you get it? It's every day at 3:00. And yet, I get a phone call, every day at 3:00 from my parents wondering where I am.Every day, at 3:00. No dad, I can't help you find your LPs. Because I'm not at home, I'm a few blocks away at the church where I have organ practice every day at 3:00. No mom, I can't help you bring in the groceries, because I'm at organ practice. No brother, I can't play Ratchet:Deadlocked with you, because I'm the same place where I am every day at 3:00. Do you guys know where that is? Just in case, I'll let you know: It's organ practice. At 3:00. Every day.Tuesday-Thursday. So please do not call me every day at 3:00. Joe is not available every day at 3:00, because he's away at organ practice. Every day. At 3:00.


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Michael said...

I've not laughed so hard due to a blog post for ages. Thank you!