Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ritual Notes. (II Sunday of the Year)

Or Per Annum if you wish. Anything by the ghastly phrase 'Ordinary Time'*

The only things I'll note are:

Hey you guys who were supposed to serve mass with me: Thanks for not showing up and not giving me a call first. I appreciate how you all took time out of your day to not tell me you weren't coming.

The music was all of my favorite music for Ordinary Sundays*:"Praise, my Soul, the King of Heaven" (Lauda Anima) as the entrance, Richard Proulx's 'A Community Mass',"Father, we Thank Thee who Hast Planted" (Rendez a Dieu) at the offertory, part of the fugue from BWV532 (Played on soft stops) at communion, and "Now Thank we All Our God"(Nun Danket) as the recessional. Bach's 'St.Anne' fugue as the postlude.

And it's probably wrong, but I'm only reciting lauds and vespers today, not singing them. I had everything planned for my vesperal 'Per Annum', but then I realised there's no paper and neither Walgreens nor Rite aid have the kind I need.

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