Sunday, January 24, 2010


Nothing much happenned Thursday night, just vespers and dinner as usual.

Friday morning, we went to Lourdes for the 6:30 mass, then back to the monastery for a light breakfast.We hit the road at 8:40-ish and said Lauds in the van. The trip probably wasn't very long, but it took forever for me, because I hadn't had any caffeine in over 48 hours and I was getting a headache. We drove to Falls Church, where Br.Justin is from, and left the car there. We rode the Metro into D.C.*, and set up our sign a few blocks from the mall. The march was a bit late, and it was a bit cold and it was raining. Patrick, the postulant, Br.Daniel, and I gave out holy cards of St.Raymund Nonnatus** while we all waited for the march to begin. And this really did take forever. And it was crowded, and there was nowhere to move. But while we were waiting, we did meet some nice people. There were Students from Father Judge high, here in Philly, and Fr.Trigilio was there.We also met a very kind Dominican nun (In the old full habit) who gave us some snack bars to tide us over. We met someone from Lourdes who's soon to enter a monastery of Carmelite nuns when the moving started. We also met more people known by the brothers and priests than I can count (including some people and a Priest from Fr.Matthew's hometown and a group from St.Petersburg where Fr.Joseph was.) Two of my friends were there (One from Roman, here in Philly, and another a friend who moved down south) but They were both way ahead of us in the march.
After the mass, we stopped at a food court for dinner (A post about That later) Then we went home, and then bed.

Saturday was a day of recollection, so no media was allowed (TV,computer, music, etc.) Things were just quiet. There was also a large funeral at the parish, for a lady of the parish whose son was a priest. There were lots of bishops and priests in attendance, including Cardinal Rigali. There was a guest choir and organist that the priest brought from his parish out in the suburbs.Things were kind of chaotic and not very well put together. I practiced my music after mass. Vespers, dinner, and compline were later. After compline, we played a game that I've never heard of. Then I went home.

Then today I started writing this post about how during my weekend nothing much happenned on Thursday, just vespers and dinner as usual.
And then on Friday morning, we went to Lourdes for the 6:30 mass, then back-

Oh wait, I did this part already.

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