Saturday, January 16, 2010

*Sigh* Round III

It's good news. I've been told that I'm COMPLETELY in charge of the music for the first Friday mass in February. Since I'm without restraints, I'm doing a couple rather radical things. This is my set list:

Mass setting: Missa simplex (unaccompanied Latin chant)

Entrance: All ye who seek a Comfort Sure, (Kingsfold)

Alleluia: Mode VII, Verse sung to tone 3a2, simple Gradual (English Chant)

Offertory: O Jesu, Joy of Loving Hearts (Wareham,organ descant on last verse)


Amen: Simple.

Communion: Chorale in Bb, II movement, Cesar Franc, Shepherd of Souls, Refresh and Bless (St.Agnes)

Recessional:Holy God, we praise thy Name.(Grosser Gott, descant on last verse*)

Postlude: Toccata-Prelude on Cogitationes eius, Dupre.**

I've been asked if I can learn one old St.Gregory Hymnal classic (You might know exactly what type of hymn I'm talking about). If I can, I'll use it instead of Shepherd of Souls. In which case, rather than the Chorale, I'll use a chorale prelude I found written by some English guy based on the same tune, St.Agnes. The only things that I haven't been playing for years are the entrance hymn, communion hymn, and benediction hymns. Most everyone knows the mass setting by heart, and with three cantors, I doubt it will drag. The alleluia is a bit iffy, but I know it by heart. I just need to know if the celebrant is celebrating St.Agatha, or whether he's going to say a votive mass of the Sacred Heart. I'm hoping he says the votive mass, that way I won't be badgered into learning some saint's hymn at the last minute.

*I'm so totally doing that crescendo on the last verse, just like that. I know, I'm not supossed to use tutti when I play, but that's so awesome. Also, the 1964 Catholic Book of Worship where I get my hymn harmonies from has the tune transposed to G, whereas in Worship III, it's in F. I'm certainly not learning it in a new key. And speaking of this hymn, I really wish a hymnal would print the ENTIRE version. (Scroll down, the hymn is at the bottom.) I used to know the whole thing by heart, but I only know bits and pieces now.

**Or at least purportedly by Dupre. This is really easy, but it has a LOT of dissonant notes and some seeming dead ends.

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