Thursday, January 28, 2010

* Gets the scotch tape*

*Tapes up messed up pages in Liber usualis*

I just checked my e-mail* and Apparently, I've been invited to occasionally join the schola and sing vespers at S.Clement's. I can't go next Sunday, since the server's practice for the patronal feast day is at 2:00 that day. I'm free on the 7th**, but the 14th is the Altar Server's mass at the Cathedral-Basilica, and I don't know what time it's at.

*As proof of my stupid, I've been going to Yahoo! every day and thinking that I don't have any mail. I was'nt loggged in.*Facepalm*

**And I'm serving the 9:00, so I get (almost) the whole day free.

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