Tuesday, January 12, 2010

[A post about cooking]

One good thing about mom and dad being so busy these past few weeks is that I get to cook breakfast and dinner every day. That means I get to pick what gets made. Usually,because there are things certain people won't eat or try (i.e., mom does'nt eat red meat,my brother does'nt eat anything spicy,I don't really like fish,etc.) Choices are limited.

But in the past two weeks, I've tried making a lot of different things. Before this, I only ever made desserts and pastries.(And I make a mean checkerboard cake. Strawberry-Raspberry cheesecake too.)I made Spanish Rice tonight (a recipe I got from my super-best-friend at school)The night before I made steak and potato pie( With way too thin sauce. I should've reduced it longer.Sorry!) The Friday before, I made grilled breaded salmon fillets.But since I forgot that I absolutely hate salmon, I gave them all to my brother and made whiting for myself.*
Tomorrow is Shepherd's Pie, but I'll have to buy potatoes.(And this time I won't leave them all unseasoned and disgusting.Yuck.)

*I absolutely hate, hate, hate making whiting because it's impossible to get the skin off without breaking the fish into teeny-tiny pieces. That is, unless you skin if frozen, in which case you risk snapping the fish in half.)

[A post about cooking.]

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