Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Program change.

Yeah, I'm not doing the Dupre variations after mass.Firstly, I lost my manuscript. Secondly, I want to play BuxWV 137.That's of course, the best version on the web. His playing kind of reminds me of Ton Koopman, but he does'nt play as fast as Koopman. (Who I think sometimes uses a few too many ornaments and plays them so quickly you can't tell what they are.) I'm Only doing the prelude and fugue, since I never learned the Ciaconna. I'll just take the ending of the Ciaconna and add it to the fugue.

And speaking of music, I'm so happy I borrowed that Liber Usualis last year. At first, It took me a week to barely learn the proper chants for Sundays. But now, I can do it in about an hour and a half. The offices are much easier though.The tones for psalms and chapters are common, so once you've learned the beginning and the meditation, you just need the use the convenient numbers and letters for each tone to tell you which ending to use. And the antiphons are'nt very difficult usually.
Mostly because I've noticed that there are a lot of, I'll say 'common' tones, that simply get re-used over and over again. For exmaple, the antiphons Rex Pacificus and Magnificabitur of Christmas first vespers are musically the same as the antiphons of the same names from Christ the King. And the antiphons Ecce veniet of the first Sunday of Advent, Apud Dominum of Christmas II vespers, Laeva eius of the common of the Blessed Virgin are all the same. The antiphons Iacob autem genuit of the feast of S.Joseph and Tecum principium of Christmas I vespers are the same. And then, all the 'Hodie' antiphons seem to be related.

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