Thursday, January 28, 2010

Well, I've found them.

The lyrics and music the choir member asked me to find for the first Friday mass. Here's the lyrics, and Here's the music. It sounds like This.

As you can see, the lyrics while certain not a Fr.Faber masterpiece are okay, but the music....It's your typica; 1940's S.Gregory Special. Kind of dated and it sounds like a bar song, but oh well, I have to be charitable, so I have to include it.
But since we're no longer relegated to picking songs from the parish's hymnal* , you know what I'm using next. And then This at communion, sung to The Real Tune, not that dirge in the S.Gregory Hymnal.(Though I obviously don't have the resources for such a lovely setting.*Sigh*)

And I'm sad that there's apparently no recording of the hymn tune 'Narenza' anywhere on the web.I'll just have to find out how it goes at my next organ practice.

*As good as that hymnal is.

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