Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This is a post about the Cat.

My cat Ginger, specifically. I know cats are supposed to lack the use of a will like humans,and that's what makes them animals, but she comes really, really close to making me think she has intellect and will. She's figured out that there are ways to get what she wants from people, and the best way is annoyance.

When she's hungry and I won't give her a snack between meals, she ruffles papers, knocks things over, and sits on books I'm reading and snaps at me if I try to move her. And she does'nt just ruffle any papers: she purpousely uses her paws to ruffle my drawing on manga paper, which wrinkles and creases them and makes a loud slapping sound.

She also tries pity. She'll go find a fake plant and wait for someone to come past and 'let us catch her' eating the flowers. Of course, the family falls for it and gives her a treat because they think she's starving. I only feed her to keep her from eating the flowers and hacking up hairballs on my rug.(She only does it in my room. If she's anywhere else and feels a hairball coming, she runs to my room.)
She's a very nice cat though..to us at least. She avoids strangers, but she's extremely friendly and affectionate with us (As long as she's had her meals and naps, and no one's removed the towel from the radiator where she likes to sleep.) even though my brother still thinks I should've gotten either the fat orange tabby or the little grey and white kitten that was happily running into the walls of his cage like a schizo. Right now she's halfway asleep under the covers on my bed, staring at me because I kicked her off my desk chair.

And she'll be ten years old come March 10.

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Michael said...

Oh, you're a cat person!

I knew I liked you.

My Perpetua has her funny ways as well. She likes to have company when she eats. She often comes and rubs up against my legs, meowing, then when I stand she runs upstairs to her bowl. So I follow along dutifully, expecting to fill her bowl, only to find her upstairs, munching away. Yet if I leave the room before she has finished, she comes after me and fusses again until I agree to go back and stay with her while she eats.

She really is the sweetest thing.