Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vigil of the Epiphany.

A homily of S.Augustine:

"Our Lord Jesus Christ, dearest brethren, who in eternity is the Creator of all things, was as at this time born of a mother and became our Saviour. It was as at this time that he willed to be born for us in earthly time, so as to lead us to the Father's eternity. God is made man, that man may be made as God. That man may eat Angels' food, the Lord of Angels was as on this day made man.

Now is fulfilled that prophecy : Drop down, ye heavens, from above, and let the skies pour down righteousness : let the earth open, and bring forth a Saviour. He who made all things is therefore himself made, that those who are lost may be found. It is even as man is made to testify of himself in the Psalms : Before I was humbled, I went wrong. Man sinned and became guilty. God is born man, that the guilty may be delivered. Man fell, but God descended. Man fell miserably, God descended mercifully. Man fell by pride, God descended with grace.

O my brethren, what a miracle! what a wonder! The laws of nature are changed concerning man : God is born, a Virgin conceiveth without an husband ; the Word of God is wedded to one who knoweth no man ; she is at once Mother and Virgin. A Mother, yet ínviolate : a Virgin having a Son ; knowing no man, ever sealed, yet not unfruitful. For he alone was born without sin. He alone was born without human embrace, begotten not of the will of the flesh, but of the obedience of the mind."

"In praesepio iacebat, et in caelis fulgebat; ad nos veniebat, et apud Patrem manebat."
"In the manger did he lay, and in the height shone bright as day: He did come to us, and yea, with the Father did he stay."

-Benedictus antiphon, Lauds.

"Grant, to thy people, we beseech thee O Lord, an inviolable firmness of faith: That, as they confess thine Only-begotten Son with thee eternally in thy glory, and truly born of our flesh of the Virgin Mary, they may be delivered from present adversities, and so attain the joys which remain."

Late, I know, but I had some bad congestion today and didn't feel well. The good news is that I don't have to watch my five obnoxious,rambunctious little anklebiters
five lovely, well-behaved nieces and nephews tomorrow like I thought. The bad news is that I'll probably be so congested and coughing so much, I'll have to stay home. The cough medicine I used today worked well enough, but I'm out and the only store that sells it is halfway across the city in University City.

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