Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Novena in Honour of S.Peter Nolasco

Starts today.This one is easy: Just the following prayer every day for the next nine.

O most Glorious and blessed redeemer, thou didst endue thy servant Saint Peter Nolasco with thy most ardent charity for the redemption of souls enslaved and oppressed: Look with pity, we beseech thee, upon all men who, blinded by sin, serve under the oppresive yoke of Satan. Through the prayers of St.Peter, our Patron, fill us with that same charity, that we who enjoy the glorious liberty of the sons of God may ever work for their redemption, who suffer the slavery of mind or soul. Behold thy servants, kneeling before thy Eucharistic throne, and as thou didst choose him for the redeeming of thy servants chained by the Saracen, by his merits, deign to free those made captive to error and sin.

V. Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord, and greatly delighteth in his commandments:
R. His children shall be mighty upon earth,the generation of the just shall be blessed.

O God, who didst guide blessed Peter by the example of thy own love, to enrich thy church with a new order for the ransoming of captives: Release us from the slavery of sin through his intercession, that we may enjoy the eternal freedom of our heavenly home.Amen

V. Grant that I may praise thee, O hallowed Virgin!
R. Give me strenght against thine enemies.

O God, who through the glorious mother of thy Son didst enrich thy church with a new congregation for the freeing of Christians from the slavery of the heathen: As we venerate Mary as the foundress of this institution, may we through her merits and prayers be freed from our sins and the slavery of the Devil. Through the same Christ our Lord.Amen.

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