Thursday, February 18, 2010

3 is a magic number.

Or in my case, 30. This morning, I sent out my 28th,29th, and 30th job applications.

Yes. For serious.

Since June, I applied to 27 different companies/jobs, and of them, five actually bothered to contact me.Of those, four said they weren't interested in hiring me, one brought me in for an interview and didn't call me to tell me I didn't get the job.(I found out from someone else after the start date.) Everyone else is either not hiring, or they only want people who've have a couple months to a year of experience doing said job. And yes, my dad said that they don't really mean it, and I contacted them anyway, but what do you know, they really don't want to hire new people that they'd have to train. And in case you don't realise how desperate I am, I'm about to apply to Greenpeace.At $13 an hour, and I can't afford to pass it up. Somehow, I've got to everything here a secret. Luckily,one of the places I've applied to is the Please Touch Museum, and It's probably the only job I'm actually already qualified to do. On-call host for children's parties. Who would've known that being forced to watch my sister's and cousins' dirty, snot-covered,annoying little anklebiters-I mean, lovely well-behaved children, would pay off as job experience? And I did it for what, daily for five years?

Let's hope I don't get ignored this time around. <3

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