Friday, February 5, 2010

This week in the Nanny State:

We're doing a special Children's episode! All dedicated to helping the kiddies be good, law abiding citizens, by making sure that they don't do illegal things like play with toys or doodle. Thanks to the government's Zero Tolerance policies, we can make sure that children are trained to avoid things which are illegal. Chiefly, by making examples of those who break the law. Now, as above, the transgression need'nt actually be serious.In fact, it's better if it is'nt. If we come down hard on lesser crimes, surely the children will refrain from comitting greater crimes. And we have made great progress in this in the past decade. I mean, sure there's little evidence that any of this actually works, and suspensions have increased (which is the complete opposite of our goal) and there's plenty of evidence that it does'nt work, but the principles are golden!

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