Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Uh..yeah, that's kind of confusing.

I'm lost here, now I really don't understand how school officials see things. Seeing as how here, they're so stiff that bringing 2-inch plastic guns for lego figures and eating lemon drops gets you arrested, but you can make verbal threats to entire races and nations, even personal threats against the teacher, and get away with it because "Oh, they're only nine."

Serious?! THIS is the stuff that schools are supposed to look for, and yet it's exactly what they pass over. Maybe some day there will be some sort of coherent system for dealing with students, but I doubt it. Bureaucracy does'nt promote solutions for problems, it creates more problems for solutions to be found for.


Michael said...

This sounds like the realm of Sir Humphrey Appleby.

What's the lemon drop thing all about?

Joe S.R. said...

A 6 year old child was suspended from school a few years ago for bringing lemon drops to share with his friends. The teacher didn't recognize the brand, and because unrecognized brands count as controlled substances, so the school suspended him.