Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hmm..now I'm interested.

I read in one of the history books at the house's library while I was away that that Mercedarians had their own rite (A breviary and missal)until Trent, when they gave them up for the Roman Rite.(Because the differences were supposedly minor.)Now I'm on a desperate(Probably lifelong)quest to find out what I can about it.
Being of Spanish origin,and being from the same place,I expect that there were Mozarabic influences. S.Peter Paschasius was from heavily Mozarabic-influenced Valencia, and with S.Peter Nolasco and S.Raymund Nonnatus, we definitely have Gallican influence,even if S.Peter wasn't a priest.(Because we do have records of priests and minor clerics in the order even before the clerical reform that later happened.)
So even if it was similar to the Roman rite, this would probably be only because of the heavy Gallican influences on the Roman rite and the similarly heavy Roman influences on the Mozarabic rite. I just hope that there are extant missals and breviaries from the time.

And also,when Patrick and I were making copies of the missal and breviary on Saturday,I was happy to see that the Mercedarians retained the sequences for the feasts of S.Peter Nolasco and Our Lady of Mercy.
Epic Win. <3

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