Monday, February 22, 2010

She's Back!

Thank you Blessed Julian and Ss.Francis and Anthany for favours received. <3

Our still nameless kitten made her way through a crack in the wall under the porch into the basement, in the midst of an ice storm, where I heard her meowing while I was making gravy (or sauce,for you non-Philadelphia.) I guess after a little more than a day,kitty realised she was better off living here where she'd be spoiled rotten.

And with this post,I'm only 14 away from post #1,000


Michael said...

That's because you post a million times a day without sacrificing quality. I dont't know how you do it.

Great news about Little One coming home. I think I'd have to cry were Lady Perpetua to run away.

St. Michael the Archangel said...

Glad the fur ball made it home! My cat is too old to go outside, he is 21.5 yrs old and is now blind, deaf.. but as sharp as a whip! And his sniffer still works great.