Sunday, February 28, 2010

The NAB is heretical.

The New American Bible. "My chosen son". "My chosen son"? Did they realise that that's adoptionism? Did they realise that that's not even in any extant greek texts we have? Do they realise that it's a heretical notion to say that the Father chose someone to be his son?
*Sigh*, idiots.
I wish we could all have a better translation of the bible for mass.Give me the RSV or even the old Confraternity Translation any day.

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Michael said...

More pertinent, I think, is the question of whether they care.

Sadly one finds some principle or other given precedence over the mind of the Church where many translations are concerned. For our lot, the OSB gives a new translation of the Old Testament by Orthodox hierarchs and scholars, and there is also a New Testament translated by an Orthodox monastery. All I can say is grow your own.

Anonymous said...

well... look at the English of the N-C Credo...

"begotten, not made..."

Joe S.R. said...

The creed also has a lot of vague language. "Born of the virgin Mary" doesn't necessarily imply the catholic doctrine of the Incarnation. Docetism can easily be read into such a vague statement. Same with "One in being", which even though it is a valid translation of the greek, already has a precise English term.
There are all sorts of vague concepts and heresies that could be read into ICEL's current translation of the creed.(Eutychianism,Apollinarism,etc.)