Thursday, February 4, 2010

I wonder what they'll say to me though?

At my last weekend with the brothers, we were getting dinner at a mall after the Walk for Life, and some of the kids* asked them the question they (rather obviously) always get: "Hey, are you guys the Ku Klux Klan?" I guess it comes with the habit: an outward sign of your religious vocation, and being constantly mistaken for the KKK. And I was there when they said it. Me, an obviously not white person. Me, an obviously Black person. And they still asked. I was joking with the brothers that we should have said "This is the new, more inclusive organisation. We're more liberal and fair."

So when, God willing, I make my vows and receive a habit, what are they going to say to me? I'm obviously not in the KKK. I assume they'll think that I'm muslim, since there are no less than three mosques in the neighborhood, and many of the muslims guys where white as well as black. I'll have facial hair by then, so It'll just complete the look.

And won't that be awkward. Mistaking someone who belongs to this order to be a Muslim. Irony of Ironies!
*Those were some, uh, Interesting kids. Yeah, interesting is the word I'll use. I'm generally not afraid of people wearing goth/punk clothes, 'cause they're for the most part suburban posers who've not been immerssed in the actual culture. But these people, they were scary.

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