Wednesday, February 24, 2010



You won't believe what just happened.

I was coming back from mass at S.Donato's, and when I got in the door,my older brother was like "ZOMG U LYKE,WONT BELEEVE WUT HAPPENED.!111!1!!One!!Eleventy-one!!!1!"So I'm like, "Gawdman, what stupid thing do you got to show me now?" And I go from the vestibule to the living room and there's this huge white cat,about the same size as Ginger. White with grey-striped spots, and beautiful green eyes. And so he says to me,he says "It was in the basement,just like how the kitten got there!"
And I facepalmed,obviously, because Ginger really doesn't like living in a house with other cats.(She'll only stand it if they're kept separated.)
So yeah, new cat AGAIN, and this one I has a name for.

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