Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I should probabably get this checked out.

I should.I don't want to, but I definitely should.
I'm talking about my little addiction that I sometimes go into mini-withdrawal stages,like right now.I don't know if it's sugar or caffeine (Or both) but I don't dare to go too long without either, because I get migraines or lightheadedness from it.My mother hates me for it,because she tried so desperately to keep me and my siblings from both growing up.(We never had soda in the house,only 100% fruit juice and water.My brothers and I used to drink sodas in our room with the door shut to hide the contraband.) So I went without both for a few days, and I got the headache today.
The weird thing is that it doesn't take much to stop it.A single poptart or a cookie usually does the job, or a small can of soda.
Mom has decided that I might be hypoglycemic,so she's scheduled an appointment for me.

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Michael said...

I had a similar upbringing. I never developed a sweet tooth as a result, (but give me my savouries any day), and I don't take tea or coffee. I suppose not everybody's body deals with that well. I'm sorry and hope they can mend you, or at least make it manageable. :-)