Thursday, February 11, 2010


Why Marvel, why?

Why couldn't you just be a normal, non-partisan comic book? Why do you have to insult people? Why get political? A good question is, why this? Any idiot knows that Captain America was made explicitly for the reason to fight against socialism. Why suddenly make him pro-socialist? Do they think that we're so dumb as to totally forget his past and just see the new, improved, re-born Captain America? And I was always the staunchest Marvel fan. Now you've gone and done this to me. Why Marvel, why?

Maybe since Stan Lee started doing Japanese manga, this is their way of lashing out? (Stan Lee has a new manga that he's writing with Hiroyuki Takei, the writer/artist of Shaman King.It's called Karakuridoji Ultimo.Look it up, it's okay.The coloring is amazing though.)

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