Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hey guys, can you help me out?

Since it seems that we'll be keeping this cat at least until we find where her owners are, we're going to need a name. I want to name her Colette, but my brother wants to name her Kimahri.* We did want to pick a Final Fantasy (FFVII Of FFX) related name, but all the cool names (Sid, Wakka, Kimahri, Leon) are all male characters' names. The only good female ones are Yuffie, Riku, and Selphie. (Well, the only ones that I know of at least.You're free to suggest your own.)
Of course, there's always the non-gendered names of cities and planets. ButI'm saving Zanarkand for the bulldog we're getting in the future, and Auroch is Ginger's middle name. I guess there's Besaid then. Or I could take a normal name and translate it into the Al-Bhed language.

There's always Kingdom Hearts related names, but she's nothing like Kairi or Riku. Hayner from KH-II is a boy, and so is Roxas. The only name I would pick would be Namine. But then there's always the girls from Organization XIII. Larxene sounds nice.

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