Monday, February 15, 2010

It's not funny, 'cause it's true.


I want to know what's wrong with this woman? Any idiot knows that it's true that the majority of black babies conceived get aborted. The only thing that's contraversial about it is the fact that
a) It's true
b) Planned Parenthood knows that it's true
c) Planned Parenthood knows that their foundress is tickled pink about it.

And this woman, what she said is disgusting. She'll call pointing out an easily verifiable fact racist, but doesn't call the fact itself racist? It's okay to actively try to reduce the population of blacks by aborting their babies, but it's racist to point out that people are doing just that? You can do it, but don't talk about it?

And her comment that most black people "don't know who Margaret Sanger is and could care less.*" is not only condescending, but also reveals her bias. We have a white supremacist woman who hated minorities, was a eugenicist, and founded an organisation for the extermination of minorities, blacks especially, and we're supposed to flippantly talk about her obscurity the way we talk about presidential pets? This is a woman whose work is still negatively affecting the black community and helping to perpetuate the cycles that lead to such a low quality of life for us, and she thinks it's okay that most of us don't know who she is or couldn't care less?
*Sigh* This is what a college education gives you nowadays? No grasp of the basic principles of formulating a logical argument?

*I have a rant about this term coming up soon.

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St. Michael the Archangel said...

It truly is sad for the Black community. Your right, it is a vicious cycle. The change will have to come from the leaders in the black community - starting with the religious and then be spread out through the sources that people look up to and use as role models. I remember that undercover investigation several months ago where a lady called in and said that she wanted to donate money to kill off black babies and the abortion clinic said that would be perfectly fine, they support causes such as that.

Sadly, by the time that the black community as a whole realizes how they were hoodwinked, I think it will be too late.