Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'd heard that some of the antiphons in the Latin edition,and therefore also in the English edition of the breviary are edited or shortened versions of their originals,but now seeing the originals in the full form (As specified by the Ordo Cantus Officiii) I'm a little saddened at what things got left out. For example, this is the third antiphon of lauds of the common of the blessed virgin:

"María Virgo, semper lætáre, quæ meruísti Christum portáre salvatórem."

And this is what the OCO specifies to be sung,the full version.

"María Virgo, semper lætáre, quæ meruísti Christum portáre, caeli et terram conditorem:quia de tuo utero protulisti mundo Salvatorem."

*Sigh* Why do that? It was a lovely rhyming antiphon,and from what I found, It comes from a medieval French breviary.

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